10 Stock Photography Ideas That Will Definitely Make You Profit

Stock photo themes are a popular destination that helps you make money. Drawing abstract patterns, but they are only sold immediately after download? Are you afraid to "get lost" with your flowers in the open spaces of stock? And you are rightly afraid. The most effective stock strategy is finding a niche within which you will develop your style. It is better, of course, to find several niches at once, but for a start, one will be quite enough. Stock photo ideas are a topic that excites many photographers.

1.    Image Backgrounds

Take a look at the world globally. What is most often discussed around the world now? I usually say that if you collect in one picture several people of different races, ages, religions, preferably gay and transgender people (and do not forget about a wheelchair), then you will get into all the top stocks. Seriously, now the most popular topics are the virus, self-isolation, quarantine, remote work, etc. Just look at the world wider, memorize what is often mentioned in news, articles, notes, and use. Themes in photography are a choice that determines the level of profit.

2.    Business Photography

The business has always been the most popular topic on stocks. The "running" age is considered 35-65 years old if you want to shoot "bosses", negotiations, or just a "boss-subordinate" situation. Young people are more suitable for displaying small businesses, startups. The costumes in the shot should look expensive. Stationery, papers, and accessories should be up to par. Shots in this category should exude success. Most popular stock images sell the best and make the most money.

3.    Family Photography

In terms of popularity, this topic is in no way inferior to business, because the family is the most precious thing. Shoot as many children as possible, families should be complete, happy, and not necessarily natural. Try to catch this joy in the eyes of the child. Important: do not take children from your height, be on the same level with them. Interesting photography themes bring in more money compared to unpopular themes.

4.    Food Photography

The popularity of food photography is constantly growing. But coming up with creative ideas can be tricky for her. In this article, I've put together 12 great food photography ideas for you. To create a good photograph to sell a product, you need to balance light, depth of field, color, style, and mood in the frame. And all this in order to attract the attention of the viewer. Adding reflection is a creative trick to further interest the viewer. Stock photography ideas are created to help you get the job done.

Reflections make the image look more stylish. A simple yet effective way to create conceptual food photography is to use a minimalist style. Shoot ingredients, not ready meals. Try to be creative. We all know that certain foods are associated with emotions or feelings. Coffee causes insomnia and ground pepper makes you sneeze. If everything burns with fire from red hot pepper in your mouth, why not use this association in photography?

5.    Sports Photography


When it comes to sports, realism is a key requirement for images. Readers do not want athletes to deliberately pose with a ball or racket. They want to see real men and women, their endurance, total dedication, and sweat on their skin. Therefore, we will leave the posing models to magazines such as Sports Illustrated, and images that convey strength, aspiration, and human will in their purest form will suit you.

Look for shots that capture the workout process, emotions, unusual angles, and vibrant color accents. Of course, such images can be used outside of healthy lifestyle blogs. Images of human effort perfectly convey topics that are important for b2b companies, for example, technological breakthroughs or achievements in general.

6.    Lifestyle Photography

So, images in the Lifestyle genre are an illustration of simple life moments, everyday situations without embellishment. The main purpose of such photographs is to reflect reality as it is. At the same time, during the photo session, almost all types of filming are involved, from portrait and subject and ending with landscape and interior.

How does a lifestyle photoshoot differ from other styles? For example, unlike reportage shooting, where the photographer does not interfere with what is happening but simply captures, Lifestyle involves his communication with models, joint work on the choice of location, the genre of shooting, concept, etc. In fact, a lifestyle photoshoot doesn't require a lot of preparation. It can be done anywhere: at home, on the street, in the garden, in the office, in the theater, in the park, in the store, etc. Themes for photography must be learned before starting work on stocks to ensure your success.

As we have already noted, serious preparation is absolutely not required for filming in this style. However, it is still worth paying attention to the basic recommendations. Let's list some important nuances. Lack of stiffness in front of the camera. This style (as, indeed, others) assumes a natural behavior as if the camera is not nearby. It's better to forget about closed poses and stoop right away. They are capable of ruining absolutely any photo. Interesting locations. Despite the fact that a Lifestyle photoshoot can be done anywhere, it is better if these are beautiful places. Modern photographers prefer city parks, streets with interesting buildings, and shopping centers as locations. And this is not surprising, because here life is in full swing in all the variety of colors, and the photographs turn out to be truly "alive" and emotional.

7.    Nature Photography

The photography themes list will help you determine your future work plan. We love to relax in nature, to go out to relax, and just be inspired by looking at beautiful pictures. The article contains amazingly beautiful photographs of nature that will not leave you indifferent. Oh, these fields and clean air, so beckon with their beauty and spaciousness. Nature can be both calm and violent. In any case, it only causes surprise and delight. The lakes in the park and in the mountains attract with their clear water, tranquility, and mystery. You never know what can live there inside. In autumn, nature looks bright, interesting, fabulous. How not take a walk in such a park? It is in the mountains that medicinal herbs grow, which are collected and then brought to the city. But can it be enough just to go there and breathe in the mountain air deeply? Where in the universe there is still such beauty. It attracts, attracts with its calmness and mystery.

8.    Travel Photography

Travel photo

We often see photos “in front of my plane's window” in our personal Instagram accounts, but, most likely, such pictures will not say anything on the media page. When creating travel materials, try to show your audience how it is breathing in a new place, how life is in full swing here - with the help of shots of a busy street or cityscape on the horizon. As with many other topics, powerful images can work for different scenarios and for different business needs. Photos taken at an airport, famous location, or abstract location are likely to suit not only tourist guides, but also lifestyle and business publications.

9.    Photos of Technology

In general, technology as a topic will continue to grow in popularity on stocks. For example, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are still underrepresented in stock photography, and there is little visual representation of the booming esports industry, although demand for this type of content is high. Blogging is becoming more popular year after year and many people choose this way of working and making money. In 2021, photos and videos on this topic will be in demand. This includes images of people working from home and creating their own content. The photobanks themselves are also using new technologies in their search and delivery of results for clients. Adobe and Freepick are now making good headway in this regard. These stocks are now pleasing with the level of sales of all authors who cooperate with them. If you do not sell your work on these stocks yet, we recommend that you start doing it. Stock photo examples will help you understand which photos will be popular.


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